Anonymous sent: Have anybody tried to contact the members of the band? She if Florence and the band is working on something new?

I think it’s impossible to contact the members of the band and they don’t give us any information about it on their twitter or facebook so we can only guess. To be honest I was expecting a new album before summer this year but nothing… So you just have to wait.

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Have you seen it before? Super cute :)

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I just realised It’s been a year since I have this blog and I really want to thank you lovely people who followed me! :) It’s beed an amazing year! I hope FATM will come back soon with new stuff and new Flobert moments! ♥


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Anonymous sent: When are you going to write new fics? I miss them! x

Hi, sorry for replaying so late but your ask got lost in my other messages. 

I’m not planning to write anything right now and I don’t think I’ll write anything in the future. I decided to take a little rest from FATM for some time… It wasn’t a voluntary decision though, it’s more like my brain says “calm down with fangirling and get into other bands”. I have so cold breakdown with FATM.

There are other Flobert fanfic out there. If you want you can check them out here:

Marion’s Fanfci (x)

Georgia Fanfic (x)

Lisette Fanfic (x)

Nothing is really happening in Flobert ship so this blog is practically dead for now. If anything worth posting will happen then I’ll reactivate it :) If you want you can Submit me things.

Happy New Year! xxx

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Made by a girl from our Flobert Group on Facebook. Hilarious!

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Anonymous sent: your guide to flo ships is amazing but does anyone ship florence and daisy lowe? am I the only one? do I have to write my own fanfiction? should I call it flowe or flowerence? man ships are hard to sail

At the time when I was making this guide I had no idea that people ship Florence with Daisy, people have let me know after I posted it. I don’t think you’re the only one, I’m not really into shipping Flo with girls so I don’t know if many people ship her with Daisy, sorry. Same with fanfics and a ship name, I have no idea. But good luck with searching :) 

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We’ve just found long lost picture of Florence and Rob playing basketball. We thought it was lost forever and it took ages to find but now it’s finally here!

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I don’t just ship it.



"Maid Marian is the love interest of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood"

Rob is Robin Hood. I don’t think we need any other proof. Everyone go home ♥

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